Veneer matching

Once cut, veneer leaves are selected and matched as required. Each leaf is slightly different but related to adjacent leaves, so that different forms of matching can be achieved. The gradual change of grain through the log gives veneers their special quality of subtle variations.

In this collection you can find two different veneer matching techniques. These are book matching and random matching.

Book matching

This traditional method of matching is achieved by taking succesive leaves of veneer and reversing alternate leaves so as to bring corresponding opposite edges together in a mirrored effect. This produces a symmetrical balanced pattern of grain and figure.


Veneers of the same species, but not necessarily from the same log, are deliberately mixed to produce an overall random grain effect. Our collection contains two types of random matching technique.

  • Elegant (Random matching) Quarter cut veneers are deliberately mixed but overall maintains consistent grain and colour.
  • Natural (random matching) This is a combination of quarter and crown cut veneers. Looking at the whole board you can notice that grain pattern and colour is consistent.