Veneer quality grades

Wood veneer quality largely depends on consistency. Consistency in veneer could be described as repetitive grain pattern in the same veneered board. In high quality veneeres there can be continuity and similarity between same batch veneered boards. When evaluating quality, distinguishing charactarestics of chosen veneer should be taken to consideration. For example, open knots do not appear on high quality No. 3 Oak Rift veneer but contradictionary on purposely aged veneer No. 8 Oak Antique this characteristic ir expected and welcomed. The collection “Oak” has three levels of quality.

Basic quality

In this quality veneer more and bigger typical wood characteristic are allowed as well as discoloration. Advantage of this quality is the lower price.

PLUS Quality

In most of the situations this quality is more than enough. Quality is similar to the selecet quality unfortunetly there is more variation in color might be more knots or other typical characterictis of the wood depending of the type of wood.

Selected quality

This is the highest quality veneer. The texture and color of oak are best expressed in this quality. No matter which type of oak will be selected this quality ensures that veneer will have lowest count of variance, inequalitys. Between different boards color and grain pattern could be continuous. The lowest number of small defect are allowed in comparison to other qualities.